Acer Aspire One D257 netbook

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Netbook Aspire one . Elegant design, minimal style, thin size and all the applications you need to communicate online and stay operative all the time: Aspire One D257 is the perfect netbook for anyone who wants to stand out for their originality and elegance, at work and at leisure. In a foyer waiting for a meeting, or in a lounge at happy hour, Aspire One D257 stands out right away with its refined hues of aquamarine, dark chocolate desire to communicate to expand continually, towards all your contacts, like the ripples on a lake.and seashell white. The design with concentric circles in relief expresses the versatility and elegance of water and at the same time represents the netbook’s main function: allowing your.

Aspire One D257 offers all the multitasking capacity and applications you need to reply to your colleagues’ emails while video calling a client with Skype and keeping an eye on your friends via Messenger and the social networks. And there’s no risk that you’ll be cut off by a dead battery: Aspire One D257 offers you all the autonomy you need to work online in perfect freedom. Power and energy savings are guaranteed by dual - core Intel Atom N570 and N550 processors which cut consumption while allowing you to perform any online task quickly thanks to DDR3 memory. Video streams smoothly thanks to an integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 which supports Microsoft DirectX 9, while a big hard disc with a capacity of up to 500GB allows you to take your photos wherever you go. The integrated multi - in - one card reader makes it easy to download your latest photos and share them with friends.

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